Monday, October 26, 2009

I came across this car in my daily raid of my fav blog list.  The owner/builder of this clean Evo 6 is an Aerospace Engineer in the UK.  Now I've seen a few Evo 6's, many with $100s of thoussands of dollars poured into them.  This one however stood out to me because of the details a single man put into his track toy.  From the CUSTOM BILLET Dif housing to the caster plates, body work, piping, and even the "shop" he built to do the engine and fab work himself.  From what I read, he only outsourced the painting of the car, everything else was with his two hands!  It's such an inspiration to see such people taking advantage of their drive and talent and using it on something they love.  Enjoy the few pics I pulled from the thread then go and read all 38+ pages of it and see true passion :)  Link to Clivew's Evo 6 Build Thread on LancerRegister

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