Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hybrid performance.......hmmmmm

I remember not to long ago when I first heard of such a thing.  I think it was some rumor mill article about Honda's next gen NSX concept that was suppose to sport a hybrid v8 that made "v10" power.  I mean the concept isn't far fetched since Honda's v6 accord hybrid made more power then the non-hybrid v6 version.  Of course they bagged the model after slow sales (mileage wasn't as good as a camry 4 cyl hybrid).  Of course we all know Honda bagged the concept along with anything else of a relevant performance nature thanks to the craptastic global economy.

Well now there is rumors of a Nissan VQ hybrid that may show up in the next Skyline model update (Infinity G37, in the U.S.) shown above.   Expected to push GTR type power (450hp?) but keep MPG in the smaller v6 range, the Essence Concept inspired 2012 model Skyline will be shown at the New York Auto Show in 2010.  There is plenty of speculation on all this plus details about the car so my main goal was to highlight the fact that hybrid engines seem to be making a push into performance markets for sure now.

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