Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot on the heels of the FT-86 concept from Toyota, Subaru's lil gem surfaces in this sketch.  Apparently dubbed the 086A, it will have subtle exterior changes from the FT-86 but carry the same drivetrain as the FT-86 in it's base package.  The STi version however is getting alot of attention since many believe it will sport the wider fenders, wheels and heft power the WRX STi has.  As quoted by 7Tune......

"The standard 086A of course utilizes Subaru’s EJ20 flat-four boxer engine with D4-S direct injection, an Aisin 6-speed gearbox and a rear differential as used on the Lexus IS250/350. The rumored output of 200PS has been quoted once again as to be “almost certain” but a conflicting rumor from another source sets the output as being low as 160PS. Nevertheless, the STi Version should answer people’s prayers for more power."

Of course the STi version would probably be in the 250-300whp range similar to most of the present EJ25 turbo variants.  Being that my girlfriend owns a IS250, I'd say the rear differential would need some beef to handle this STi variants potential power.  My personal opinion, I like the idea of a RWD Toyota better (and I own an STi!) but if the turbo variant doesn't go to Toyota, the Subaru has an ace in the hole for many more potential buyers. I think it would be beneficial as well as REALLY awesome, if Subaru made their version AWD (being that the car is apparently based off the Legacy chassis).  It keeps with their "all time awd" heritage as of late plus it brings a TRUE sports coupe to the company inventory.   Info and Pic provided by http://www.7tune.com/

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