Tuesday, November 10, 2009

.....Rev'n the Turbo

So I figured I'd go personal and share some pics of our boy, Turbo.  Yes, my gf and myself named our beloved beagle, TURBO!  Gotta love a gf with similar taste as yourself lol.

And yes, the name suits his nature perfectly.  He likes to "spool" up to top speed and loves going on road trips.  We nicknamed him "T25" or "T too small" but now at 3 years old he is our peppy "GT30" haha.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Heading into the last round of the '09 SuperGT Series, the #1 MOTUL Autech GTR was withing grasp of a 1st place GT500 class win.  Unfortunately, that was not meant to be as a hotly contested series of laps at the end of the race caused pre-mature tire wear and a blow out.  After a frantic race to try and repair the car in time to net enough pionts, the MOTUL GTR fell to 3rd overall in the points standings and out of the class lead.    

Source: GTR Blog